Garden design

With the pace and the stress of city life, it’s a challenge to find a place to relax and feel peace, but your garden can be your own place of refuge and recuperation, a restorative garden that’s a place for contemplation and a place that offers the chance to reconnect to yourself and your loved ones, in a space of beauty for you to flourish in.

  1. The first step to creating your garden oasis begins with a meeting to talk about why you want your garden and how you want to feel when you are in it.
  2. During our visit, I will help guide you to visualize your dream oasis by asking you what your perfect garden oasis looks like. What do you see? What are the scents around you? What colors are you seeing, what textures are you feeling? What sounds are you hearing?
  3. After describing your vision, I will present your garden to you with a visual drawing filled with your ideas that represents your tranquil space.Following the presentation, we will talk about anything that you would like to add that completes your picture and ties into filling you with peace and relaxation.
  4. Once your vision is completed on paper, I will plan and organize the garden for installation.


We maintain your garden to keep your plants healthy and happy so you can enjoy your space in peace. While we work quietly in your garden, your shrubs will be trimmed neatly, plants dead-headed to encourage healthy blooms, refresh the soil, and improve and care for all of your green spaces. 




Dreaming of garden beds or planters full of cheerful of blooming flowers or a nice little fruit and veggies garden? 

We are here to enrich your garden with all kinds of beautiful plants for your garden. We can also offer advice on all aspects of keeping this piece of heaven in best conditions! From feeding and positioning to maintenance and care if you want to do it yourself.

Hedge trimming

We transform any leafy mess into an immaculate hedge!

We work on all types of hedges and provide trimming, shaping, reduction, by using professional tools and equipment to provide precise and accurate trimming for even the most complex projects. 


We guarantee your happiness and joy after we create your planters and arrange them into a striking container gardens to use on your deck and patio and garden.